Charlie Sheen Blow Up Doll Is Popular

April 14, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Blow Up Doll Is Popular

Wanna play with Charlie? Believe it or not a Charlie Sheen sex doll, jokingly called ‘Crackhead Charlie’, has sold out in just one day.

‘Crackhead Charlie’ (what a great name!) was going for $30 bucks a pop and the manufacturing company managed to sell out of the product in no time.

Nick Orlandino, the company’s CEO said: "The Crackhead Charlie doll
sold out in one day, the same day we released it. We could of sold
more dolls if we had more in stock but they are sold out right now."

The doll is packaged in a box with a cartoon picture of Charlie on
it, holding a drink and a cigarette and sporting a raised eyebrow,
while surrounded by skanky women.

A description reads: “You don’t have to be a s****y porn goddess to
party with this radical rockstar from Mars!

“Just add air and this neurotic nutjob will show you his two and half
personalities, warlock, fangs, fire-breathing fists and Adonis DNA. Don’t be a foolish little troll, experience the bitchin’ drug they call Charlie and let him rock your world!”

My guess is Warner Bros. and CBS bought up all the dolls for some good old-fashioned boxing exercises.