Charlie Sheen Being Pressured to Enter Rehab

February 17, 2010 By:
Charlie Sheen Being Pressured to Enter Rehab

Now that Brooke Mueller is in rehab, rumor has it Charlie Sheen is being pressured to enter into a facility as well. The actor has struggled with substance abuse for years, and has definitely fallen off the wagon as of late.

Sources tell Radaronline that Charlie doesn’t believe he even has a problem. Going back to that infamous Christmas Eve night, Sheen reportedly had a sober coach with him, but then went out drinking with his wife.

“The reason he had a sober coach with him is because he had already fallen off the wagon,” one source said. And now close friends believe it’s time he heads back to rehab before it’s too late.

“Charlie’s TV contract is up for renewal,” said the source. “He doesn’t think he has a problem and he’s not going into rehab.”

It would be sad if he lost his job and his marriage fell apart all because he and Brooke can’t get clean and sober. We can’t stop thinking about those poor kids!

UPDATED: "He is not going to rehab," the rep tells, adding, "Who told him to go to rehab? Correct answer: no one."