Charlie Sheen Banned From Sons' Birthdays

March 14, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen Banned From Sons' Birthdays

The media aren't the only ones tired of Charlie Sheen's crazy rants. His ex wife Brooke Mueller wants nothing to do with him (except collect alimony checks), so she didn't invite him to their sons' birthday party.

Brooke held a "lavish backyard bash" for Bob and Max, who turn two yesterday, at Paris Hilton’s family home in Bel Air, California, and while guests included Nicky Hilton and boyfriend David Katzenberg, Charlie was noticeably absent. Duh, he was out riding his Mercury surfboard to winnersville.

A source said: "Brooke seemed to have a good time too and was relaxed and happy. She seemed focused on her kids and nothing else. There was a lot of security outside at all times to make sure no uninvited guests got in. There was no sign of Charlie at the party."

The only kind of party Charlie enjoys are ones that involve hookers, booze and bricks of coke, so he probably wouldn't have known up if he was invited anyway. #losing