Charlie Sheen Apologizes to America For His Meltdown

March 29, 2012 By:
Charlie Sheen Apologizes to America For His Meltdown

It’s okay, dude. It kept us entertained for a good two weeks.

Last year Charlie Sheen had a little bit of a breakdown. Just a tiny one. It involved him getting fired from Two and a Half Men, complaining about America’s “droopy eyed children” and producing his own web series, Sheen’s Korner.

Well, Charlie’s back, ready to do press for his new FX show, Anger Management. And in an interview with Today show host, Matt Lauer, Sheen apologized for his behavior.

"I didn't recognize parts of who that guy was,” Sheen told Lauer. “I just wish it was somebody else's body. You say it's been a year - it's either been a day, or a hundred years.”

So it was an out-of-body experience now.

“I guess the plan was to reintroduce myself to America and to the media and say, 'Sorry about that, but here's what's happening now.’"

Charlie said it was a “team effort” that brought him back to sobriety. So Sober Valley Lodge didn’t do the trick, then?

"It was a team effort that was ultimately led by myself. There were not a lot of people close by saying, 'Dude, let's just take a step back.'"

He also admitted he got his feelings hurt about Ashton Kutcher replacing him on the show. But he dealt with it when he took on a new role in the upcoming Anger Management.

"I couldn't have the 'Two and a Half Men' thing be my television legacy,” Sheen said. “I couldn't have that end on that note. If this is going to be a swansong, then it's got to be a beautiful experience, and, so far, eight days there was more fun than eight years."