Charlie Sheen and Goddess Get Inked

March 7, 2011 By:
Charlie Sheen and Goddess Get Inked

Charlie Sheen and Natalie Kenly have both been tatted up.

In Charlie’s Korner, Sheen shows off a tattoo of the word “Winning” he got on his wrist.

Kenly recently had Charlie’s signature tattooed on her foot (see photo below).

I’m guessing this is the way he's branding the livestock of goddesses he hopes to recruit by taking “applications”.

If Bree Olson gets a tag on her ear with a barcode and a bunch of numbers, the law needs to get involved. Or maybe Kenly knows about the Hollywood tattoo curse and is trying to instigate a break up so she can get the hell out of Sober Valley Cult.

Charlie’s Korner is a live webcast show Sheen started from his home. And it’s exactly what you’d expect--him ranting for about an hour.

The only way the Charlie Sheen saga can get more ridiculous is if he, Bree, and Natalie set up a live video feed where they reenact all of their interviews with sock puppets.