Charlie Shares His Bed With Both "Goddesses"

March 3, 2011 By:
Charlie Shares His Bed With Both

Charlie Sheen wasn't kidding when he said he makes Hugh Hefner look like an amateur. Not only are Charlie's two "goddesses" living with him, they all share a bed every night. Why pay for hookers on an hourly basis when you can just ask porn stars to move in?!

Charlie lives with 24-year-old porn star Bree Olsen and former "nanny" Natalie Kenley in his massive Mulholland Estates mansion, and explains that they all take turns sleeping in the middle of one bed – but do have the option of going to another one if they need sleep.

Asked if the group have sex together, Bree said: “We do whatever Charlie wants us to. This is the type of lifestyle I’ve always wanted and I’m thrilled with it.”

Natalie added: “Our bed is big enough for all three of us, and we take turns sleeping in the middle. If someone is really tired, there’s always a place for them to sleep in peace.” Riiiight, cause there's a lot of that going on.

Now that Charlie has Twitter (and over a million fans following him), his goddesses are the ones talking to the press.

Bree told the New York Post newspaper: “It’s an unconventional family. Charlie is the man with the ball and we’re on either side looking out for him. All three of us are in a relationship, and if Charlie ever wants to go outside ‘The Wedge’ and act out on his sexual desires, that’s fine with Natty and me. We’re laid back.”

Of course you're laid back, you're a porn star!

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