Charlie Says Screw Rehab, I Want My $2 Mil

February 7, 2011 By:
Charlie Says Screw Rehab, I Want My $2 Mil

We all know Charlie Sheen's rehab is a joke. He's just hanging out at home shooting the shit with friends while his camp makes sure no porn stars drop by for a visit.

So it doesn't surprise me that he's going to be 'ready' to go back to work before the month is over. He's basically chillin' right now during his staycation while the cast and crew adjust their schedules to fit his.

Charlie's attorney, Yale Galanter, tells E! that he's be back in just a couple of weeks.

"We are thinking Charlie will be going back to work two weeks from today," he said. If I was making $2 million a week I'd be eager to go back to work too.

When asked how Charlie is doing at home in rehab he said, "Charlie is fine healthwise and doing really well. Things are looking good. Everybody's intentions are to get him back in the swing of things as soon as possible."

He'll be back to porn stars and coke parties faster than you can say "coke buffet" because that's who Charlie is. That's who his character Charlie Harper is. Two and a Half Men is basically a reality show about Charlie's life.

I say just let the guy bang his hookers and continue to make CBS boat loads of money. Win win situation for everyone, no?