Brooke to Charlie: How Dare You File for Divorce Before Me!

November 2, 2010 By:
Brooke to Charlie: How Dare You File for Divorce Before Me!

Brooke Mueller is pissed at Charlie Sheen for filing for divorce before she got a chance to.

According to Brooke's lawyer Sorrell Trope she was blind sided when Charlie filed for divorce because they agreed they would wait until he was done with probation. She even turned the cheek when he got caught with a hooker!

Charlie Sheen Files for Divorce

Trope says Brooke made the agreement because "she didn't want to make trouble for Charlie," who was still on probation, reports TMZ. Sweetie, don't you worry, he's more than capable of making trouble for himself.

Trope added that "Charlie humiliated Brooke," by filing for divorce before she could. Really? That's what she's humiliated about?

I'm sure the $55,000 check she's going to get for child support every month will help ease her pain.

UPDATE: Charlie's manager, Mark Burg, tells TMZ, "Charlie tried to reach out to Brooke and left her a message before filing for divorce. It's a shame that this ambulance chaser is trying to drum up more business because this divorce was finalized and agreed upon 6 months ago."

Burg added, "Shouldn't everyone involved be more concerned about the two young childr