Brooke Mueller to Seek Psychotherapy

January 25, 2010 By:
Brooke Mueller to Seek Psychotherapy

Charlie Sheen’s wife Brooke Mueller will reportedly be seeking therapy for stress reduction following her hospitalization last week. As Hollyscoop previously reported, Brooke was hospitalized for pneumonia last week, which forced her to miss her hearing with Charlie in Colorado.

Now sources tell People that Brooke has been advised to seek therapy to help her heal. "The doctors told Brooke on Sunday that if she wants to get better she has to reduce stress and get a lot of R&R in the coming weeks," a source close to Mueller tells People. "Her mom is checking out spas around the country now."

Mueller has pneumonia in both lungs, which has reportedly affected her breathing, and she is still in the intensive care unit. "The doctors basically said Brooke is not going to get better without taking her health in her own hands and reducing the stress surrounding her life," the source continues. "She has to do it now."

Doctors are supposedly worried about the slow rate of Brooke’s recovery, and said the therapy is necessary to her healing process. In addition, Brooke’s mother Moira apparently doesn’t want her daughter spending any extra time with Charlie. The friend says, "Moira wants Brooke to get away from Charlie, away from L.A., and away from all of the stresses that are hurting her immune system. She is checking out major spas on the East Coast to target both mental and physical therapies to help her daughter."

Brooke and Charlie are obviously an unstable couple, and the mother has good reason for concern. It’s sad how much all of this stress is affecting Brooke’s health, and we hope she agrees to the therapy!