Brooke Mueller Parties Post Incident

December 29, 2009 By:
Brooke Mueller Parties Post Incident

Brooke Mueller apparently isn’t too shaken up by the knife incident the other night, because she was out partying last night!

According to E!, Brooke was spotted at the celeb-friendly Caribou Club in Aspen last night. And that was after she had already gone to a cocktail party at her mother’s house!

"Brooke was low-key," a source says. "She was talking to friends and walking around the small club, but she stayed until closing time."

Paris Hilton, Doug Reinhardt and Gerard Butler were all partying at the same place, but Brooke hung with her own group and stayed under the radar.

"You could barely tell it was her," the eyewitness continues. "While most clubgoers were dressed up, Brooke was in jeans, a casual green sweater and no makeup."

Brooke sure doesn’t seem too upset about her life being threatened by Charlie Sheen a few days ago. We can’t help but wonder what her two little twin babies are doing.

An eyewitness says they're still in town and were spotted playing in the snow at a local park with a nanny on Monday. "The boys looked happy and carefree," an eyewitness says.

Great parenting, Brooke!