Brooke Mueller in Wellness Program

January 27, 2010 By:
Brooke Mueller in Wellness Program

Question of the day: what exactly is wrong with Charlie Sheen’s wife Brooke Mueller? What we do know is that she was discharged from an LA hospital yesterday after reportedly being admitted with pneumonia over a week ago.

Sources said she was headed to seek therapy to heal and deal with the recent stress in her life. Then this morning, reports surfaced that Brooke was in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in North Carolina. But her rep was quick to dispel the rumor, calling it a “crock of crap.”

Now her lawyer tells People that Brooke is in fact in a wellness program in North Carolina, not rehab. Yale Galanter, confirms she's in a "facility where she can rest, rest, rest" and get "competent medical care for her mind and body." He declines to give the name, but says despite her history of drug abuse, she's not being treated for addiction.

"Brooke did not enter a drug rehab program," Galanter explains. "She has been drug free for six months. Since Christmas day, she has been assaulted by her husband, almost lost her life, and developed pneumonia. She was released from the hospital a couple of days too early, so she needs to be somewhere doctors can treat her if necessary."

A source close to her family also confirmed that she's now staying at the Two Dreams Outer Banks center, which is described on its Web site as a "comprehensive wellness program providing exemplary care for individuals who dream of recovery from addictive disorders or co-dependent behaviors."

We hope this program helps Brooke! At least she’s away from Charlie for the time being!