Addiction Specialist on Charlie Sheen: He's Headed Towards Death

January 28, 2011 By:
Addiction Specialist on Charlie Sheen: He's Headed Towards Death

As mere outsiders, we all think Charlie Sheen needs help. Yet he seems to continue to get away with his foolish behavior over and over again, and the CBS executives have yet to give him an ultimatum.

So rather than speculate about what will become of the highest-paid TV actor, Hollyscoop contacted leading addiction specialist Blake LeVine, President/Founder of Will Listen, a specialized community for people going through crises. Blake is also now featured on the OWN Network.

Timeline: The Fall of Charlie Sheen

"He clearly has issues with addiction, pornography and prostitution,” LeVine told us EXCLUSIVELY referring to Sheen.

“While he may enjoy this lifestyle, it will only lead to negative problems including overdoses, losing his family and potentially death.”

LeVine also outline what he would do if given the chance to speak to Charlie’s loved ones: “My suggestion would be for everyone around him to intervene and give him an ultimatum: either get help or they will not be in his life.”

Charlie Sheen Back Home for Round Two!

LeVine also pointed out how much damage CBS is doing by permitting this behavior from their biggest star. “His bosses at his television show also have a responsibility to require him to seek help before resuming filming,” he explained.

“Since it is such a popular and profitable show they have not done this. They are saying to the millions of young people that they only care about the money and not the health and well being a man who clearly needs help an guidance."

LeVine brings up such a good point. It’s sad that it had to come to this, but CBS—along with Charlie’s good friends and family—are faced with a decision. And they’d better act on it before it’s too late.