20 Years Later, Charlie Claims He Didn't Shoot Kelly Preston

May 4, 2011 By:
20 Years Later, Charlie Claims He Didn't Shoot Kelly Preston

Charlie Sheen’s dating resume has an interested section back in the 90’s that includes a gunshot wound.

Charlie used to be engaged to Kelly Preston before she married John Travolta. That is, until he reportedly shot her.

Kelly had a gunshot wound to her arm, which Charlie was blamed for, and now, over 20 years later he’s trying to set the record straight.

Referring to the incident, Charlie – who claims he was making coffee at the time – said: “I thought she was still asleep upstairs. And I heard a f**king gunshot go off. I thought, ‘She did it, she finally f**king did it. She killed herself and they’re going to f**king blame me.’

“I come around the corner and there’s naked Kelly Preston at the top of the stairs, holding her wrist, staring at me, covered in blood … and I thought, that’s pretty f**king hot … I didn’t, I didn’t.”

Only someone as sick and twisted would find his fiancé bleeding “f**king hot.”

So what really happened that night according to Charlie? He claims she picked up a pair of trousers, which he’d left on the floor, causing a small gun he had in the pocket to fire.

Why the hell are you walking around with a small gun in your pocket like it’s a pack of gum?

I find it hard to believe anything Charlie says at this point unless there’s a lie detector attached to his arm. And even then I’d probably have my doubts. Do you believe Charlie’s story?