This Is What Happens When You See Charlie Hunnam at the Gym

January 22, 2014 By:
This Is What Happens When You See Charlie Hunnam at the Gym
Image By: Getty Images / Gregg DeGuire

Yesterday, I saw Charlie Hunnam at the gym and here’s how my brush with a demigod went down.


I’m sitting at an exercise machine minding my own biceps when right across from me I notice Charlie Hunnam and I’m like…


Well, I didn’t want to be O.B.V.I.O.U.S., so I was more like…


And told myself to...


Which for the most part just looked like this…


It was a miracle my eyes were even functioning at this point, but this is what he was wearing:

Super normal, which was disarming, and yes, the color scheme was the closest we'll ever get to seeing him play Christian Grey.


Because he wasn’t riding a motorcycle, I wasn’t 100% sure it was even him, so I looked it up on Twitter and confirmed that: Yes...

It was him.


Then I texted a friend because no celebrity sighting is real until you text a friend.


Anyway, back to Charlie…


Who was casually working out his abs on a fitness slant—a pretty glorious sight.

It was like seeing an Olympian training for a Sochi or Picasso paint in Spain. A MASTER AT WORK IN THEIR NATURAL ELEMENT.


Time basically stood still.


I caught myself staring, so I focused on my phone to distract myself.

New Candy Crush high score. Yay!


Regardless, when he got up to leave, I did what any rational human would do. I followed him.


That’s when I like to say we “reunited” at the free weights, where he did this:


It made me feel super inferior.


So I quietly exited towards the water fountain.


And when I returned, he wasn’t there…


Like his role in Fifty Shades of Grey, as quickly as he arrived, he was gone.


I looked out into the cold expanse of the gym and whispered, “Bye, Charlie. Wherever you are…”

And that’s the time I saw Charlie Hunnam at the gym.