On the 8th Day God Created Charles Michael Davis

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On the 8th Day God Created Charles Michael Davis
Image By: Charles Michael Davis

“The Originals” actor Charles Michael Davis is a talent you need to know ASAP. Otherwise you’ll anger God.

Everyone knows the Biblical creation story. God produced every living thing, then on the seventh day he rested. But here's a little-known fact: On the eighth day, God created this…

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Charles Michael Davis.

Charles Michael Davis


As evidenced here, he was molded in the image of God.

Charles Michael Davis


With a beautiful smile.

Ray Tamarra/Getty Images


Make that a ~heavenly~ smile.



It’s basically an unwritten commandment: Thou Shalt Love Charles Michael Davis.

Uri Schanker/FilmMagic


Because how can you not?

Ethan Miller/Getty Images


He’s just too precious.

Chelsea Lauren/WireImage


Especially when he’s glowing like a goddamn angel.



See, it takes all of God’s energy to create something so perfect.

Chris McKay/Getty Images


Please note the perfection that is his facial hair/brows/shade of green tie.

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images


And the way he rocks a scarf.

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You can clearly see why it’d take a full day to construct this*.

Charles Michael Davis


*This meaning a perfect human being.

Charles Michael Davis


Anyway, on the eighth day, God said, “Charles Michael Davis.”


And it was good.