Jared Leto's Role Landed Him In A Wheelchair

March 27, 2008 By:
Jared Leto's Role Landed Him In A Wheelchair

Jared Leto is in the upcoming movie Chapter 27 looking noticeably chunkier. And the sixty pounds he gained for the part actually caused him to have health problems.

He said, "My body was in shock from the amount of weight I gained. I don't know if it was gout, but I had a definite problem with my feet. I couldn't walk for long distances. I had a wheelchair because it was so painful."

But I guess it was worth it. Jared definitely pulls off the creepiness of of John Lennon's killer Mark Chapman. He says, "It was important to make that transformation. It changed everything about who I was - the way I walked, talked, how I felt about myself and the way people treated me. It was interesting to see what people thought - some obviously thought I'd let myself go."

It's almost like when Maria Menounos dressed up in a fat suit during sweeps and complained about people not paying attention to her....except better.