Channing Tatum's Life is All About Poop Now

June 24, 2013 By:
Channing Tatum's Life is All About Poop Now

This is a story about Channing Tatum being a hot dad and talking about poop because it is both weird and awesome. If you don’t like it, there’s probably a Kim Kardashian story on the homepage you might like better.

Channing Tatum has barely been a dad for a month and he’s in love with it. What does he love about fatherhood? Changing diapers. Yes ma'am.

“You’re never gonna be so excited when something poos, cause it’s like, 'Aw yeah, I’m in the game!' Let me have it, give it to me!” Channing told Extra.

For some reason he refers to daughter Everly as “it,” but we’ll let that slide.

Channing joked that as a new dad, all he’s good for is changing diapers, adding, “then you give it back to [wife Jenna] cause you know you don’t really do very much.”

Okay, so we’re going to turn a blind eye to the fact that Channing called his daughter “it” again and let him redeem himself by talking about how much he loves her.  

“It’s so new and I think every time I hold her, you just have to remind yourself that this is forever,” Channing told Access Hollywood.

"She changes every day,” he continued. “She’s beautiful.”