Channing Tatum Taking Break From Acting

December 5, 2012 By:
Channing Tatum Taking Break From Acting
Image By: Splash News


Channing Tatum says next year he’ll take a hiatus from acting. Nooo!!! But Channing, I had this idea for a movie about this guy who wears sleeveless shirts and I just NEED you to play the part!!!

When I heard that he’s taking a break from acting, I immediately was like “oh, his wife Jenna Dewan is trying to get pregnant” or IS pregnant and Chan wants to be home in 2013 when the baby is due!

But apparently, Chan just wants to write, produce, and direct a couple films. Oh, look at him trying to pull a Ben Affleck. He really IS a stripper with a heart of gold.

Talking about his producing partner and Magic Mike screenwriter Reid Carolin, Channing told Entertainment Weekly, “[Reid and I] have about three to four ideas that we love that are all in the hopper.”

Verdict still out on what a “hopper” is. It’s either an industry term I don’t know about, or a small fishing vessel. I’ll get back to you.

“By the end of next year, we’re going to shut things down and write the first thing that we’re going to direct. We’re going to be like, alright, no more acting parts for a minute, let’s take a few and really get caring about that section of our career,” says Chan. 

Some of those upcoming “ideas” in the “hopper” include a Magic Mike sequel. Yes, ladies, you heard me! Girl’s night round 2! Hayyyy! Everybody loves a male stripper sequel!

Channing continued, “I love the steps that I’ve taken acting wise. That has been a wild sort of exploration. But I don’t want to just keep putting [directing] off for these fun and incredible opportunities.”