Channing Tatum On Matthew McConaughey: He's Going To Change Your Life

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I knew Matthew McConaughey was a good actor, but hot damn, Channing Tatum says McConaughey is dishing out some biblical type acting talent in Magic Mike.

Yeah, that’s right, McConaughey is in a movie about male strippers and apparently it will “change your life.”

“He’s going to change your life,” Channing told Jimmy Fallon on “Late Night” before adding, “This was the role that he was born to play.”

He was born to play a stripper? Is that a compliment? Because I would argue that it isn't.

“He is such a carny,” jokes Channing, “I feel like he should be in the carnival!”

Channing also says there is some life altering scene in the movie, “The scene in the mirror in the training studio! Oh man, but I don’t want to give anything away,” says Channing.

Chan also revealed that he took McConaughey to an “all-male revue” before filming began, saying it was “really interesting.”

So, by now, everyone knows that Channing used to actually be a stripper. But did you know he was a video-hoe to?

Channing was actually in Ricky Martin’s video for “She Bangs.” If you blink you’ll miss him, but he’s dancing shirtless in the background pretending to be a bartender in a club scene.

“I was living with a buddy in Tampa, and we were ish-dancers, I had no idea that video dancers make like no money…at all, I made like $400 for five days of work.”

While we’re embarrassing Channing, I have to mention that he and Fallon made a short sketch video for Jimmy’s late night show called “Ew.”

In the sketch, Channing and Jimmy dress up as pre-teen girls whose favorite word happens to be “ew.”

Use your imagination, or don’t, and check out the video above.
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