Channing Tatum: I Didn’t Rip-Off Those Strippers' Moves

June 26, 2012 By:
Channing Tatum: I Didn’t Rip-Off Those Strippers' Moves

In case you haven’t heard, Channing Tatum plays a stripper in the new movie Magic Mike and the flick is loosely based on his teenage years when he was a male stripper in Florida. Emphasis on loosely.

Last week, some former stripping pals of Channing, Thomas “Awesome” Austin and London Steele, alleged that Channing “stole their moves.”

Well, we talked to Channing at the premiere of Magic Mike and he set the record straight.

“It’s stripping!” Channing laughed, “I don’t think anybody has copyrighted any of the moves, and if so, I’m shocked.”

Very true. Is there a copyright on taking your pants off and giving someone a lap dance? Doubt it.

“This movie has NOTHING factual in it other than I was a 19-year-old kid going into this world,” Channing emphasizes, “Nothing is [factual], everything is fictional!”

According to Channing, apparently the two stripper dudes are just tying to “make money off me since I started this thing.”

We also talked to Reid Carolin who wrote the script and emphasized that Channing’s stripping past was just used as inspiration for a movie that happened to be about a male stripper, played by Channing, who also happened to be a stripper when he was younger.

“Everyone’s entitled to their opinion about this movie, but we sat around in a room, made this stuff up from scratch…it’s always sad to see when people come out and try to make a buck off things,” says Reid, “I understand it though; if I were in a different place, maybe I would do the same thing."

Magic Mike opens in theaters this Friday, June 29, 2012.