Channing Tatum’s Former Stripper Pals Call Him A Hack!

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Uh oh, Channing Tatum’s upcoming male stripper movie Magic Mike is coming under fire from his former stripping colleagues.

Two dudes, Thomas “Awesome” Austin and London Steele allege that Channing Tatum is a novice stripper and stole moves from better strippers.

Essentially, these guys say Channing stole every part of Magic Mike from their experiences and that they taught Channing everything he knows. It's hard to tell if Channing actually ripped them off or if they are just jealous.

Thomas “Awesome” Austin released his own YouTube video where he deadpans to the camera, “Matthew McConaughey dressed up as a cowboy? Anyone who knows anything about male dancing knows that that character is ME!”

For starters, both these dudes are a bit eccentric and REALLY passionate about the art of male stripping. I mean, these are middle-aged male strippers with Fabio hair and self-appointed names like “Awesome,” and “Steele.”

Anyway, Austin alleges that he also made up some move called the “Hot Seat” that apparently Channing is taking credit for in the flick and from what I gather, it involves flipping a woman upside down and then proceed to dance on her? Near her? Grind on her? Banana hammock in the face? I’m no sure how this works.

They also claim that Channing was only 18 when he started stripping and quit after four months!

“He looks like ‘the man’ now, but trust me, he wasn’t ‘the man’ then,” says Austin in the video, “He was 18 years old and wore white athletics socks on stage.”

Well, we watched the video of Channing stripping back in the day and he looks like he has some pretty good moves of his own.

Basically, they think they are the real deal and Channing was an “amateur” and stole all his ideas and stories from veterans like Austin and Steele despite only working at the club for a few months.

You can watch Austin’s video online, but Steele has since removed his.

There are still some terrifying videos of Steele with long blonde hair giving lap dances to women that appears unconscious while lit candles line the stage.

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