10 Reasons Why Channing Tatum is Awesome

June 28, 2013 By:
10 Reasons Why Channing Tatum is Awesome

Here’s the thing about Channing Tatum. Guys want to be him. Girl’s want to be with him. He’s talented. Hot. Nice. A doting husband. A new father. He can dance. Did we already say, he’s hot?

 What’s not to like about Mr. Tatum? Here are 10 reasons why Channing Tatum, star of White House Down, is a leading man forever worth watching!

1. He will protect you.

2. He’s a great dancer. 

3. He’s barely been a dad for a whole month and we’re pretty positive he’s great at it. 

4. He can wear white before AND after Labor Day. 

5. Did we mention he can dance?

6. He’s a loving husband. 

7. He has super attractive friends.

8. He sometimes does whatever THIS is with Elton John and it’s awesome. 

9. He loves his fans. 

10. He sometimes wears clothes like this.