Evelyn Lozada Tells Husband Chad Johnson To 'Get Help'

August 14, 2012 By:
Evelyn Lozada Tells Husband Chad Johnson To 'Get Help'

It’s a classic case of who headbutted who…

Shortly after news broke that Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson allegedly headbutted his wife Evelyn Lozada, the Basketball Wife is speaking up about the incident. And, according to the statement, she isn’t putting up with his nonsense.

TMZ reports that Evelyn is standing up for herself as Chad tries to turn the blame and point the finger at her.

“I am deeply disappointed that Chad has failed to take responsibility for his actions and made false accusations against me," she told TMZ.

The source previously reported that, in defense against the accusation that Chad had assaulted his bride via skull-blast, the football player insisted that it was she who headbutted him.

According to Ev, though, that is all a bunch of crazy talk. She denied her headbutt claims and told TMZ that she hopes Chad gets some help for his issues quick.

“It is my sincere hope that he seeks the help he needs to overcome his troubles,” she said. “Domestic violence is not okay and hopefully my taking a stand will help encourage other women to break their silence as well.”

After a domestic dispute on Saturday, Chad was arrested and booked for battery. Evelyn suffered from a laceration on the forehead.

The cause of the argument that turned physical was a receipt for condoms that Ev found in the family car. When he couldn’t find the words to explain himself verbally, Chad – allegedly – tried to communicate through some face-to-face contact.

According to TMZ, Chad has a history of domestic violence, including an incident in February of 2000 involving his girlfriend at the time that nearly landed him in jail.

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