JC Insists He's Not Gay

March 26, 2008 By:
JC Insists He's Not Gay

JC Chasez called into two different radio stations this morning to talk about the gay rumors that have been going around these past few days. If you haven't heard yet, there have been rumors that JC Chasez has been getting very cozy with his “friend” Chace Crawford who was dating Carrie Underwood but has since split. Hollyscoop has learned that the two might actually just be roommates.

Below are the transcripts from his call to the radio station where he denies being gay.

Interview with Kiss FM 104.7

DJ: Hey what's the deal, did you hear all these rumors about you yesterday?
JC: Uh, you know I heard about them this morning.

DJ: Here's what I, before you say anything will you address the rumors?
JC: Yeah.

DJ: What I think is you and the dude...the rumors are that you and Chace Crawford are like gay lovers, but I think that you're just really good friends and hang out a lot and everybody is taking pictures of you guys hanging out a lot.
JC: Well you know what, it's stupid, really...for the record, we're both straight, we're not dating.

DJ: ...each other.
JC: Lets clear that up real quickly and the thing is, we don't even get to hang out that much. We are friends, absolutely, the guy is a super nice guy and he's a friend of mine but you know the only time people would usually see us together is in some type of photograph so they just assume that it's like that. You know people hang out with their best friends every day...

DJ: That's what I was saying yesterday.
JC: ...and I don't even see this guy every day. He's a friend of mine, like I said, it's just ridiculous. The fact of the matter is, if I'm standing next to a girl and I don't have a girlfriend all the sudden I'm dating her. If I'm dating a girl and I'm standing next to another girl I'm having an affair, so now since there hasn't been any of that smoke out there in a minute now if I'm hanging out with a guy they're going to make up a rumor, it's just stupid now.

DJ: Does it bother you to have to chase those rumors down?
JC: You know what, I don't have any control over it. You know, they're not saying anything that's based on fact or at least not in their minds. People say, "they were standing next to each other so in my opinion it's blah blah blah". It's just stupid, it's kind of a waste of everybody's time. Ya know.

DJ: Well you've been with some of the hottest chicks in the world so as soon as I heard that story yesterday I was like come on. But then it was like you were in a cabana together...
JC: That part is actually completely made up.

DJ: That you weren't in the cabana and he was like on all fours and you were rubbing oil all over his back. A couple of buddies hanging out, putting lotion on each other.
JC: That part of it is completely made up.

DJ: Really?
JC: I mean we weren't even at...from what I hear they say we were at the Roosevelt or something. I haven't been to the Roosevelt since the Grammys when I went and saw Mark Ronson play.

DJ: That's not what I heard, I heard you were at the Roosevelt doing yoga poses and he performed a two finger mexican oil change on you JC.
JC: Not even close.