Chace Crawford Faces 6 Months Behind Bars

June 11, 2010 By:
Chace Crawford Faces 6 Months Behind Bars

Chace Crawford was officially charged today with possession of marijuana.

According to TMZ, the Gossip Girl star was charged with a misdemeanor for the incident last week when the cops found an unlit joint in the car he was in with a friend.

If convicted, Crawford faces a maximum of six months behind bars. Wonder how they would work that story line into the show!

Chace Crawford Arrested for Drugs!

In a recent article for Interview magazine, Chace talked about his love for partying. “I’m single in New York, and [my castmates and I] are all in our mid-twenties, so it’s not feasible to say we’re not going to go out and have fun,” he told the magazine. “It’s just how you do it and how you conduct yourself. It annoys me because you start to develop a certain kind of paranoia…”

We bet Chace was feeling a little “paranoid” the night he got busted! Hopefully he’ll be a little more careful from now on!