Chace Crawford Dishes on the Footloose Remake

May 28, 2009 By:
Chace Crawford Dishes on the Footloose Remake

Chace Crawford has his work cut out for him in the next few months. He’s been cast as the lead in the Footloose remake, which requires a lot of singing and dancing—neither of which Chace does.

But before you write him off, you should know that his audition for the role wasn’t a piece of cake. Chace says the audition process for director Kenny Ortega and the producers was pretty brutal.

He says, "It was, like, five hours of the most rigorous tests ever. I walked out very confident."

Chace will soon begin a rigorous training regimen before filming begins next March. He says, "I’ve got some movement in me, but I'm not a dancer. I need to start stretching now."

As for Chace’s leading lady, it’s still up in the air. Both Julianne Hough and Hayden Panettiere will screen-test this week, according to EW. Producer Neil Meron says, "It's a much more singing-intensive movie for the female lead.” This may give Julianne a leg up on the competition, though we hear Hayden’s got some pipes on her as well.

Who would you rather see as Chace’s co-star?