Chace Crawford Arrested for Drugs!

June 4, 2010 By:
Chace Crawford Arrested for Drugs!

There goes his squeaky clean image! Chace Crawford was reportedly arrested this morning for possession of marijuana.

According to TMZ, the Gossip Girl star was arrested in Plano, Texas just after midnight this morning when about 2 ounces of weed was found on him.

He was apparently with a friend in a car the parking lot of a bar called Ringo’s Pub. Sources say the cops found one unlit joint in the car, and he was taken in on a misdemeanor.

Chace looks pretty pissed off in his mug shot. Hot, but pissed. Think it’s because he was arrested, or because he wasn’t able to smoke his joint?!

He’s already been bonded out of jail. His rep has yet to make a statement, but stay tuned!