Chace and Ed Not Hooking Up

June 27, 2008 By:
Chace and Ed Not Hooking Up

There have been endless rumors of Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick from 'Gossip Girl' hooking up. There were even blind-items on the NY Post and NY Daily News that hinted the two co-stars were more than work buddies and roommates.

Chace's rep is the first to deny the rumors of the two guys being in a relationship. “These endless rumors are absolutely untrue,” his rep says.

If y'all remember, Chace was also rumored to be hooking up with JC Chasez, which he obviously denied.

The Rush & Malloy blind item said: What two hunky actors are refraining from any public displays of affection now that spies on their set are suggesting they're more than friends?

Speaking of Ed and Chace, it's Ed's 21st birthday celebration tonight at club TAO in Las Vegas and Chace will be accompanying Ed. If anyone sees them making out, make sure to snap some pictures! Ha-ha.