Celine Dion Introduces Her Miracle Babies to the World

December 8, 2010 By:
Celine Dion Introduces Her Miracle Babies to the World

Double awwwww!!! Celine Dion introduced her six-week-old twin boys Eddy and Nelson to the world today via not one magazine, but two! Both People and Canada’s Hello! magazine got the pics of the boys, born October 23.

"The love and what I feel inside, what we have accomplished – I don't know how to put it into words," Dion tells the magazine. "It's bigger than life itself."

She also talks about the differences between her two new boys. "They are very different," says Dion. "Eddy is my smallest, very delicate and needs to be cuddled a lot. And Nelson is darker and very loud, in a good way. He's my bear, my big boy!"

Celine Dion Reveals the Twins Names

As for Celine’s other son Rene-Charles, he’s taken on the big-brother duty of picking out the twins’ lullabies. "We've been singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame," says Dion, explaining, "R.C. loves baseball."

Side note: Am I the only one relieved they came up with the R.C. nickname for that poor child?! Phew!

Celine seems to have slid right back into her maternal instincts, despite having to try for nine years to get preggers after R.C. "They're feeding every two hours now," she told Hello!. "It's going well. I don't get a lot of sleep, yes, for sure I'm tired, but that's what I want."

And get this—it was supposed to be triplets! For a week we thought we had triplets, but sadly on the next visit to the doctors we only heard two heartbeats,” she revealed.??

“That little baby decided to leave the space for the two others and to say goodbye to us. It happened very early during the pregnancy. But still, it shocks you.”

And finally—those names! Not exactly what you’d imagine when thinking of newborn babies. But Celine’s husband Rene explains that the names have meaning.

“The idea is to have our sons be inspired by somebody that has the same name,” said Rene. “We met with Nelson Mandela and spent some time with him at his house when we started Celine’s world tour.”

“Eddy is an homage to Eddy Marnay,” he said, referring to the French songwriter who wrote Celine’s first five albums.

“He was like a father to me,” said Celine. “He passed away six years ago. He was such a gentle man, everybody loved him.”

Doesn’t this just make you love Celine Dion??? And believe it or not, she’s already gearing up to get back to work. She’s apparently already easing back into rehearsals for her Las Vegas show that starts up March 15.

Congrats on everything to Celine and her fam!