Celine Dion Distressed by Pregnancy Complication Rumors

September 1, 2010 By:
Celine Dion Distressed by Pregnancy Complication Rumors

There have been rumors regarding Celine Dion’s pregnancy, so she’s speaking up to let everyone know how she’s really doing.
Recent reports in a French tabloid claimed Dion was rushed to the hospital following pregnancy complications.

But her rep tells People the story is "completely fabricated.”

"She's never been in the hospital – her pregnancy continues to be healthy and she feels fantastic."

The twins are due in November, and so far Celine has gained 33 pounds. She deals with any discomfort she might be feeling by doing acupuncture, which she says has contributed to a healthy pregnancy.

But at 42-years-old, Dion has been instructed to take it easy by her doctor.

"As with most women expecting multiples, her doctor wants her to stay off her feet as much as possible as she finishes her pregnancy," says her rep.

"They've gotten calls from friends worried that something is wrong. To be so happy and then to get these calls, it's been upsetting for them when they are in such a good place," says her rep.

"Their son Rene-Charles started the new school year last week, Celine's feeling great, and she and Rene are excited to meet the twins – they just can't wait."

We still can’t get over the fact that she’s having twins at her age! We hope she has round-the-clock nannies!