Celine Dion Admitted to Hospital Early

October 18, 2010 By:
Celine Dion Admitted to Hospital Early

Celine Dion isn’t due with her twins until next month, but according to reports she’s been admitted to the hospital.

According to the AP, Dion was admitted to St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida as a precautionary measure. Her doctors recommended she remain there until the babies’ birth to avoid complications.

"She has been admitted to prevent the early delivery of her babies which is the standard of care for any patient with twin pregnancy in this clinical setting," the hospital explained. "This is done to ensure the patient can be in close contact with their doctors and clinical resources, leading up to their birth."

"Celine and Rene have placed the health of their babies as their highest priority," they added.

The hospital has also shot down rumors Celine and her husband made outlandish demands on the hospital or had pre-scheduled the twin' birth.

We hope they gave her a comfy room with a TV—this is going to be a long few weeks ahead! Best of luck to the mom-to-be!