Oscar to Cross-Dress for PETA?

September 27, 2007 By:
Oscar to Cross-Dress for PETA?

Oscar de la Hoya aka Goldie shouldn’t be too upset about the pictures of him that have been circulating on the Internet. He has one group standing by his side and that’s the People for the Ethical treatment of Animals.

The vice president of PETA, Dan Mathews wants “Goldie” to model in the “Fur is a Drag” fashion show in December. Under one condition however, he must be dressed as "Goldie."

"The controversy surrounding the cross-dressing photos of you could be turned around to do some good," Dan Mathews wrote in a letter to de la Hoya. "Might you consider walking the catwalk? You'd be a real knockout."

I actually think if he does do the fashion show all of this negative publicity will go away and people will just remember him doing good for PETA. I wonder what his wife thinks about all of this drama going on because it's not only the fact that "Goldie" likes to dress as a woman but he was in a hotel room with two other women.