Molly Sims Supports Orphanage In Mexico

June 12, 2008 By:
Molly Sims Supports Orphanage In Mexico

Molly Sims is as generous as she is beautiful. In between all her acting and modeling jobs, she's supporting an orphanage in Mexico.  Her acting coach was the first person to tell her about the El Faro Orphanage in Tijuana, and now Molly is down there once a month to visit the children.

Molly says, "I was sitting in my acting coach's office one night when her husband came in and said, 'our nursery girl has quit and the babies have been sitting in their urine for three or four days.' I said, `How much do you need? Take a check now.' I went down there. It's such an unbelievable orphanage. We started with 30 or 40 kids. We're up to 104. We're trying to grow."

"We go down every four or five weeks to visit."

That's so cool that she is actually hands on with the orphanage. Others just give money and disappear but the people who actually stick around are the ones that really care.