Hollyscoop wraps the daily Scoop

August 2, 2006 By:
Hollyscoop wraps the daily Scoop

Is "Scrubs" hottie Zach Braff tormented over his break up with ex-girlfriend Mandy Moore? Sources say he is so depressed that he won’t even leave the house.

Is there a wedding in the works for British babe Elizabeth Hurley her boyfriend of three years, Indian businessman Arun Nayar? Elizabeth tells the Italian edition of Vanity Fair: "I can't reveal the date, but it's very close, and we are also thinking of having a child." Sources tell Hollyscoop the wedding might take place in India.

Just because you’re a celebrity, don’t think you can get away with making reservations at the most exclusive restaurants and not show up. Janet Jackson has been banned from fancy Paris restaurant Arpege, for making reservations and bailing. The restaurant was upset because they had to move fashion designer Christian Lacroix to a dining room downstairs to free up a table for Jackson. Sources say she didn’t even bother to call to say she was not showing up.

Dave Navarro's new gal pal Sarah Howard needs to chill. Sources say Sarah is loving all the attention she is getting from her newly found “15 minutes” of fame. At the Whiteflash Diamond Summer Soiree at Stereo House, Sarah Howard's ran around showing off her photo in the weeklies to fellow guests. Celebrity hungry? I think so!

If you are a male waiter and encounter Angelina Jolie our advice is stop drooling and run the other way. The sultry star requested a woman to be her server the other night as she dined with two pals at Dakota restaurant at the Hollywood Roosevelt. Angelina hates when guys gawk at her too much and always avoids male servers. What if it’s a woman server and still gawks at her, what does she do then?