Frank Sinatra's 'Grotto In The Sky' On The Market - Check It Out!

August 2, 2012 By:
Frank Sinatra's 'Grotto In The Sky' On The Market - Check It Out!

Old Hollywood glamour is alive and well in the heart of Manhattan, and you can own a piece of it. Frank Sinatra’s penthouse party pad is on the market for $7.7 million dollars…

And by NYC standards, that’s a total steal, especially considering the name dropping possibilities here that are absolutely priceless.

The realtors in charge of the historical but totally modern and hip spot, Rubicon Property, are throwing around enticers like “meticulously renovated,” “luxury living,” and “elegance, charm, sophistication,” and naturally, they reference the Rat Pack.

More specifically, it’s 3,200 square feet, has 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 18-foot ceilings, a wrap around terrace with river views throughout.

More specifically than that, it has another terrace with a putting green, then a private gym and maid's quarters – both located in the basement of the building.

If you’re still not sold, how about this, there’s a glass staircase in the apartment that’s an exact replica of the one used in the Apple Stores!!!!!!!

O. M. G. for $7.7 million you can pretend to be Old Blue Eyes and Steve Jobs!

Apparently it’s even famous enough to have inspired the one and only Andy Warhol who dubbed it a "glittering grotto in the sky."

Seriously, I hope they’re putting that one in the brochure, because if I had that kind of cash, that’s the bit that would sell me on the whole thing.

I’d buy it just to have that quote screen printed on the welcome mat, with high contrast black and white headshots of Sinatra and Jobs over neon colored backdrops painted on the door.

Photo Credit: Travis Dubreuil for Evan Joseph Images