When Reality TV Stars Attack

October 3, 2007 By:
When Reality TV Stars Attack

What happens when Reality TV stars get together under one roof? Drama!

Hollyscoop has learned exclusively that at Tuesday night’s 2007 Fox Reality Channel Really Awards in Los Angeles, a fight broke out between “Breaking Bonaduce” star Danny Bonaduce and “Survivor” star Johnny Fairplay.

Sources reveal that Danny lost his cool when Johnny was on stage attempting to read the teleprompter. The audience was booing Johnny since he couldn’t read his lines and Danny decided to break Johnny’s mouth “Bonaduce” style. He obviously forgot that he was at an award show and not in the boxing ring.

“Danny ran upstage and told Johnny that everyone is booing him because he sucks. Johnny attacked Danny out of anger and began to hump him. Danny threw Johnny over his shoulder and broke his tooth. Blood was all over the stage and Johnny ran off and began to cry. Hollywood’s infamous trannie Alexis Arquette took initiative to walk on stage and finish the set.”

Sounds like a typical day in reality show land. Where was Oscar De La Hoya when all this went down?