Ellen Still Wants Iggy Back

October 17, 2007 By:
Ellen Still Wants Iggy Back

There is a war going on between Ellen DeGeneres and the agency she adopted her dog from.

Ellen was crying on air yesterday because the agency took Iggy back after they found out that she broke their contract and gave the dog away to her hairstylist. Ellen gave the dog away because she claimed that Iggy didn't get along with her cats.

The hairdresser's kids were apparently devastated hence Ellen publicly asking the agency to give back the dog.

Keith Fink, a lawyer for Mutts & Moms agency, told Page Six that all this on air crying is an act and that Ellen's people have been getting really dirty behind the scenes.

"Ellen's lying," said Fink. "She is using her power and her access to the media to destroy this agency in the media. This is a woman who has signed many seven-figure contracts. She knows what she signed."

According to the lawyer after Ellen went on air crying yesterday the owner of the agency has gotten threats by fans claiming to "burn her house down."

Another fan said, "You slime ball bitches are not worthy of living. How dare you make Ellen cry. Give Iggy back!"

I don't understand why things are so difficult? The dog had a loving home, why go through the trouble of taking it back and trying to find it another home?