Dakota Fanning: I Want to Direct

December 11, 2006 By:
Dakota Fanning: I Want to Direct

Wonder child Dakota Fanning isn't even 13 yet and she is already thinking about what she'll do when she grows up. And like other actors, she wants to direct. The ambitious child star said:

"I would love to direct someday," Fanning told Time magazine. "I've learned a lot from watching directors I've worked with, like Steven Spielberg and Gary Winick, whom I worked with on Charlotte's Web. I would love to have that relationship with another actor."

Dakota Fanning's latest movie, "Charlotte's Web", will be in theaters next month, and an independent movie, "Hound Dog", to be screened at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah in January. Woo hoo...we'll be there to view it!

She's said to be excited to go Utah, but not necessarily because of the movies."I've never been somewhere where there's that much snow," she said. "I totally want to go skiing. I've heard skiing is super hard, but I'd like to try it."