Charles Barkley Gets a DUI

December 31, 2008 By:
Charles Barkley Gets a DUI

Wait! Did New Year’s Eve already happen?! Charles Barkley was arrested for a DUI last night, or technically very early this morning, in Gilbert Arizona.

Officers witnessed Barkley running a stop sign around 1:30AM, which tipped them off that he might be a little tipsy.

Barkley refused a breathalizer at the scene, so was given a blood test at the station. Smart guy! He's gonna try to fight for that DUI.

But Lt. Eric Shuhandler said Barkley cooperated with them, saying, "There was nothing unusual about how he was taken into custody. He was treated exactly like we treat anybody else."

Honestly, this doesn’t surprise us one bit. A, Charles Barkley is known to be a partier. And B, if you’re dumb enough to drive drunk anytime, you deserve to get caught. Don’t follow in his footsteps when you leave the house tonight!