'Celebrity Apprentice' Season 5 Kicks Off

February 20, 2012 By:
'Celebrity Apprentice' Season 5 Kicks Off

Celebrity Apprentice is back on TV, and it's “bigger and better” than ever. According to Donald Trump, at least. With 18 celebrities, it's definitely bigger. But will it be better?

After watching last night's premiere episode and talking to some of the contestants, it just may be.

First of all, there's Adam Carolla. Having a comedian on the show should mix well with contestants like Lou Ferrigno, Victoria Gotti, and Clay Aiken.

Hollyscoop talked to Carolla along with magician/comedian Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller), and there was no shortage of Clay Aiken jokes.

“Here's a sentence I thought I'd never say: I spent most of my time working with Clay Aiken,” Penn told Hollyscoop. He added that he learned that Aiken was “very motivated, very competitive” and “very hard working.”

Carolla revealed: “I had sex with a couple of Claymates.”

In the first episode of the season, Aiken is already unamused with Carolla. The two were placed on a team together, and while Adam tossed out team names like “Team Back Hair,” Clay wasn't having it.

The first task of the season was selling sandwiches at NYC's Café Metro. The end goal: whichever team rakes in the most cash, wins. Easy.

The guy's team elected intimidating 'American Chopper' star Paul Tuetul, Sr., who proclaimed that he can rake in half a million dollars in sandwich donations.

“[Paul] comes off as grumpy, strong, opinionated,” contestant/pop star Aubrey O'Day told Hollyscoop. “But he's the nicest, most loveable teddy bear there is. He was a very enjoyable person to be around.”

On the girl's team, pop star Aubrey said she was the most recognizable face on the team even though everyone else thought it was Teresa Giudice. “I have the most Twitter followers,” Aubrey argues.

In the end, the men won the challenge by raising an impressive $332,000. The woman raised $125,000. To be fair, the dude's team had a single donation in the amount of $305,000.

So this, of course meant that someone from the girl's team had to get axed. It was between Victoria Gotti and model Cheryl Tiegs.

"I don't know if this is right for me. I'm more of a quiet person," Tiegs admitted when Trump suggested that perhaps she's not cut out for this show.

And with that, Cheryl becomes the first person booted from Season 5 of 'Celebrity Apprentice'. We can't wait to check out who makes the cut week after week. 'Celebrity Apprentice' airs Sundays on NBC, 8/9 Central.