Celebrity Apprentice: Lisa Lampanelli Gets Loud, Dayana Mendoza Gets Fired

April 30, 2012 By:
Celebrity Apprentice: Lisa Lampanelli Gets Loud, Dayana Mendoza Gets Fired

I know exactly one thing about “Celebrity Apprentice” and it’s that Donald Trump is on it.

However, after watching Sunday’s episode where comedienne Lisa Lampanelli gets in a total b-tch fight with former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza, I’m definitely going to start watching. But mostly because my cable package got rid of Oxygen, so I can’t watch “Bad Girls Club” anymore.

On Sunday’s episode of "Celebrity Apprentice," Dayana Mendoza had to manage Lampanelli and Clay Aiken to create a catchy jingle, and apparently she wasn't very good at it. When project manager Donald Trump, Jr. arrives to check the group's progress, Mendoza totally throws Lampanelli under the bus, calling her "loud" and saying "she didn’t pull her weight."

“It’s tough,” says Mendoza, “[Clay] knows what he’s doing and [Lampanelli’s] been very loud.”

Even though Lampanelli’s entire comedy career has been based around her being a loud-mouth, this comment totally set her OFF!

Lampanelli exploded, “That’s not true – this whole day I’ve been very, very quiet and you’re being passive aggressive and it’s not cool. I can’t even take your bullsh-t! I have been quiet, ask any of these people, and you have to tell him I’m loud? If you want loud, honey, you f-cking got it!”

So then Lampanelli got loud.

“The fact that she lied in my ear – she was too stupid not to do it behind my back – proves she’s dead from the neck up,” says Lampanelli.

Anyways, Lampanelli got hers in the end. Mendoza was fired at the end of the episode.