Adam Carolla on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’: I’m the Class Clown

January 4, 2012 By:
Adam Carolla on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’: I’m the Class Clown

The Celebrity Apprentice’ announced their season 5 lineup on Wednesday, and cast highlights include Arsenio Hall, Aubrey O’Day, Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller), Victoria Gotti, and perpetual jokester Adam Carolla.

Hollyscoop caught up with Adam, Aubrey and Penn to see what we can expect when the season premieres on February 12. Adam gave us his approach for dealing with his notoriously intimidating boss, Donald Trump.

“I thought it would be fun to make some jokes,” Carolla told Hollyscoop, adding that he often made wisecracks during boardroom meetings, not taking them seriously.

“Probably not the greatest strategy,” he told us. “It was more important [for me] to be funny for the people at home.”

Penn, who said he enjoyed working with Adam, defended his pal’s behavior.

“Everyone is very aware of playing games,” Penn told Hollyscoop. “One game is Celebrity Apprentice, the other is entertaining people. With Adam, it’s very clear what game he’s playing.”

Aubrey adds that we can definitely expect the usual drama and cat fighting we’re used to seeing from the show. So whose personalities were the most surprising?

Carolla told Hollyscoop that he was “most intrigued to find out Arsenio Hall has four personalities.”

Penn said that he was disappointed to see some of the cast members “let go of their morality completely, and they still didn’t win.”

But hands down, two of the cast members that had Adam, Penn and Aubrey talking most were Clay Aiken and American Chopper star Paul Teutul, Sr.

“[Paul] comes off as grumpy, strong, opinionated,” Aubrey told us. “But he’s the nicest, most loveable teddy bear there is. He was a very enjoyable person to be around.”

Penn said: “Here’s a sentence I thought I’d never say: I spent most of my time working with Clay Aiken.”

Penn learned that Aiken was “very motivated, very competitive” and “very hard working.”

Adam added, “I had sex with a couple of Claymates.”