Cee-Lo is Homeless

June 28, 2011 By:
Cee-Lo is Homeless

Cee Lo is on one of the hottest shows on the planet right now, has a music career that is on fire—but believe it or not he’s homeless.

Cee Lo admits he doesn’t have a permanent home right now and mostly lives out of a designer suitcase.

Cee Lo said: “Somewhere in Switzerland. It’s beautiful. I don’t live anywhere at the moment. I live out of a Louis Vuitton suitcase.”

He may be homeless, but he makes sure that if he has somewhere to go, he arrives in style.

He said: “I bought myself a 2009 Bentley Azure. I had it custom-made from scratch, every nut and bolt and thread I designed. It cost $400,000. It's a copper color, the color of a penny. It's beautiful.”

Maybe spending almost half a mil on a car when you don’t have an apartment or a house wasn’t the brightest idea in the world, but hey, if everything goes to sh*t he can always sleep in his car. Or not.