Cee-Lo Green Drugs Woman, Caught on Tape?

November 2, 2012 By:
Cee-Lo Green Drugs Woman, Caught on Tape?
Image By: wenn.com

Earlier this week, a woman filed a police report alleging Cee Lo Green of sexual battery. At first we didn’t believe it because these kind of allegations happen all the time in Hollyweird. It’s sad, but true.

Anyways, the woman called Cee Lo with cops listening in on a recorded phone call and based on the conversation she's alledging that he drugged her and then slept with her!

The woman says she remembers NOTHING after he gave her a drink at a downtown L.A. restaurant.

In the tape obtained by LAPD, the woman called Cee Lo and asked about the night and apparently Cee Lo is heard repeatedly apologizing and referencing Ecstasy. He doesn’t specifically say that he put it in her drink and ecstasy is not the same thing as the “date rape drug.”

Cee Lo is also heard on the tape saying that he only gave her the drug because he thought it would help their date be more “exciting.”

Regardless of what happened after the drink, it’s still super shady to give anyone ecstasy without telling them!

However, wouldn’t Cee Lo be arrested already if he admitted those things on the tape? Cee Lo’s camp is saying that this woman is lying about having a tape.

Some other sources are saying the woman demanded money from Cee Lo before she contacted police, telling him she would shut up if he gave her a big pay out. 

So the whole thing is kind of fishy. We’ll see how long this takes to fizzle out, or maybe Cee Lo will get sent to the clink?