A Cause Worth Losing Sleep Over

April 26, 2006 By:
A Cause Worth Losing Sleep Over

One of our fabulous readers sent us this and we were so moved we had to post it asap!

This morning, handsome actor George Clooney went LIVE on Oprah to tell her WHY he can’t sleep at night! Isn’t it nice to see celebrities using their fame to help inform the masses about issues more important than what you should wear!!! Watch Oprah, be fascinated my something way more interesting than Paris Hilton’s purse brand.

Everybody has an opinion about Oprah! Regardless of it, she is using her hour of power to promote a news-story that will make your skin crawl. This Saturday, people all over the world will gather in over 130 cities to sleep on the street. One night outside of your comfort zone may help change the world.

This Saturday, April 29th, it WILL be important who you sleep beside in Hollywood and every other city promoting THE GLOBAL NIGHT COMMUTE! Hey, you might be sleeping with George Clooney and Oprah……

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Invisible Children