From Ben Stiller to Sting: Celebs Who Deal with Bipolar Disorder

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From Ben Stiller to Sting: Celebs Who Deal with Bipolar Disorder

When Hollyscoop talked to famed psychiatrist Dr. Sophy, he told us, “Bipolar is something you’re born with. Stress brings it out, but it doesn’t cause it.”

Between dispelling rumors, working on several projects, and wondering who they can trust among their circle, it’s safe to say celebs are, more often than not, under a great deal of stress. Sure, they’ve got ways of coping—their multimillion dollar homes, exclusive club memberships, the ability to take off to St. Bart’s whenever they want…what was my point again?

Ok, so they’ve got pretty cushy lifestyles. But most celebrities have gotten to where they’re at by being determined and hard-working, and that’s a quality that welcomes stress. So if you’re bipolar, and you’re dealing with all that stress, you’re probably going to have a meltdown. Charlie Sheen, anyone? Duh, #manic depression.

Catherine Zeta Jones recently announced that she’s receiving treatment for her Bipolar II Disorder, which is marked by manic highs and depressive lows. Her statement became headline news, but Bipolar Disorder is actually more common than you may think, and there are a handful of other stars who suffer from it.

Ben Stiller: Like his father, Ben Stiller is hilarious when he’s angry and yelling. But those outbursts might not be far from reality for the star.

He often lost his temper on the set of Zoolander, and said of the situation, “I have not been an easygoing guy. I think it's called bipolar manic depression. I've got a rich history of that in my family. I'm not proud of the fact that I lost my temper. Sometimes you just f-ck up."

Still, it’s hard not to laugh when Stiller flips out.

Sting: The former lead singer of Police is pretty outspoken about his history with Bipolar Disorder, and has lead campaigns to raise global awareness for it. In 1996, Sting discussed his time with the Police:

“I was suicidal. My first marriage and my relationship with the other members of the band was collapsing. I just felt adrift. I was manic-depressive and I just wasn’t chemically balanced enough to enjoy it.”

Jim Carrey: Who knew this famous funnyman suffered from the highs and lows accompanying Bipolar Disorder? Well, his less-than-laid back performances might be a good indication. When he wasn’t screaming his way out of a rhino anus, back in his heyday, Jim Carey was either fighting himself, in Liar Liar or yelling at his fabricated existence in The Truman Show.

Jean-Claude Van Damme You might think it’s a stretch to attribute an star’s Bipolar Disorder to their acting, but Van Damme says the reason his action scenes are so intense is due to the hyperactivity he experiences with the Bipolar Disorder.

Carrie Fisher This galactic princess has been quite outspoken about dealing with Bipolar Disorder. She’s had a very public rehabilitation from alcohol and often discusses the issues that arrive from her Manic Depression. Fisher was brutally honest when she said:

“I'm fine, but I'm bipolar. I'm on seven medications, and I take medication three times a day. This constantly puts me in touch with the illness I have. I'm never quite allowed to be free of that for a day. It's like being a diabetic.”

According to Dr. Sophy, there’s no curing Bipolar Disoder, but it’s something that, through treatment, you can get in remission—basically, the goal is to stabilize one’s mood. Here’s hoping Catherine gets the help she needs. We can’t wait to see this beauty back on the big screen!