Catherine Zeta-Jones Wants To Do Nude Scenes

March 11, 2008 By:
Catherine Zeta-Jones Wants To Do Nude Scenes

Catherine Zeta-Jones is in Sydney right now promoting her new movie, Death Defying Acts, and she took a little time to talk to the New Zealand Herald about what to expect in her upcoming movies.

 "Obviously, my career is expanding and I am a mother and so I'm not going to be rip-roaring in corsets playing a 19-year-old because I'm not, I'm 38 years old," she told reporters.

 "I'm actually really lucky and glad these other roles have come along and I can play a mother."

 But she said she wasn't about to abandon sexy roles altogether.

 "In my next movie, which is an untitled movie at the moment, you'll be seeing a lot more of me, put it that way," she said.

 "I'm not going to be playing old grannies anytime soon.

 "You see, I haven't actually reached my sexiest point yet."

If we could all age as gracefully as Catherine, medicine cabinets wouldn't be stocked with eye creams and cellulite erasers.  According to imdb, Catherine has three movies in the works for 2008. We'll have to wait and see what sexy roles she has in store for us.