Catherine Zeta-Jones 'Thrilled' with Life Post-Rehab

July 12, 2013 By:
Catherine Zeta-Jones 'Thrilled' with Life Post-Rehab

If anyone aught to be a poster child for the benefits of rehab, it’s Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The actress stepped out at the premiere of her new movie Red 2 in Hollywood last night and looked absolutely flawless.

Talking about hitting the red carpet for the first time since leaving rehab to treat bipolar disorder, she tells Hollyscoop, “I’m thrilled!”

All is well with Ms. Zeta-Jones, who plays a Russian secret agent in the film, and adds, “I’m just thrilled to be part of this great fabulous cast. We had so much fun and I've seen the movie and it’s a lot of fun up there on the screen!"

Between her and hubby Michael Douglas’ recent cancer statements, we wonder how Catherine handles her private life constantly in the news?

“When I'm working, it's never really an issue, but a public private life is one of those things that goes a long with [fame]. But there's so many other great attributes and great things that happen to us, so those are my priorities!"