Catherine Zeta Jones Being Treated for Bipolar Disease

April 13, 2011 By:
Catherine Zeta Jones Being Treated for Bipolar Disease

Catherine Zeta Jones has had a rough year. She's been dealing with the stress of her husband Michael Douglas's cancer, and it finally took a toll.

According to her rep she just entered a mental health facility to be treated for bipolar disease.

"After dealing with the stress of the past year, Catherine made the decision to check in to a mental health facility for a brief stay to treat her Bipolar II Disorder," the rep says in a statement.

"She’s feeling great and looking forward to starting work this week on her two upcoming films."

Catherine recently flipped out on a photographer in New York after he tried snapping photos of her and Michael at a restaurant.

After Catherine made it through the door, she shouted: “How dare you touch me! I want a police officer right now. He punched me! He punched me in my face.”

Then as she pointed through the doors trying to single out the pap, she added: “That guy who was right here he punched me. Michael then walked outside and grabbed hold of a paparazzo and told him: “It was you a*shole, get the f**k out of here you b*****d."

And this whole time I thought she was just a bad ass. Glad to hear she's getting the help she needs.