Cate Blanchett Injured on Stage

September 2, 2009 By:
Cate Blanchett Injured on Stage

Cate Blanchett was injured last night during a live performance on stage in Australia.

According to Australian Associated Press, the incident occurred while Cate was performing in A Streetcar Named Desire in Sydney.

Cate was hit on the head by a prop radio, and apparently had blood streaming down the back of her head! It was so bad that the performance had to be canceled and the audience was asked to leave the building! The theater spokesman said in a statement, "There was a minor incident on stage that unfortunately did injure Cate.”

He also denied reports the prop was thrown at her. He said, "That is not correct. There is no point in the show in which the radio is thrown at her. There was a moment when another actor lifted the prop above his head and she somehow sustained a minor blow to the head."

Cate must have a high tolerance for pain though, because she’s expected back on stage tonight to perform! We’re glad she’s okay!